Economic calendar widget

Adding a widget on your website

You can integrate and fully use MarketCheese economic calendar widget on your website. Necessary guidelines are following:

  1. Add a tag in the package where a widget should be displayed:
    <div id='mch-widget'></div>
  2. Add a script in which mchWidgetConfig variable will be declared:
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var mchWidgetConfig = {
            currentLanguage: 'en',
            currentTimezone: 5,
            list widget settings
  3. Connect the main script, which is located on our server:
    <script src=""></script>
  4. To get the data access you need to send an e-mail with WIDGET title on An e-mail should contain your website URL, where widget is located.

Widget settings description

Economic calendar widget can be controlled based on own preference, by using the corresponding settings as a default. The list of possible settings and their description is following.

Name Format Possible values Description Default value
currentLanguage string ru / en The language of displayed data ru – Russian language
currentTimezone number [-12 … +12] Time zone (GMT) by default +3 – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg
currentPeriod string recent / today / todayUpcoming / tomorrow / thisWeek / nextWeek Default period of data display.

recent – new and near (past 2 days and upcoming 5 days)
today – today
todayUpcoming – expected today (available only with value set rowLimit)
tomorrow – tomorrow
thisWeek – current week
nextWeek – next week
hideColumns array of strings ['timeLeftColumn', 'volatilityColumn'] Recitation of hidden columns in table.

timeLeftColumn – time left before event occurrence
volatilityColumn – event volatility level
All columns are displayed
countries array of strings ['CA', 'US', 'RU' … 'JP', 'EMU'] The list of bilateral countries codes (ISO 3166 standard) in which the data is displayed by default. The exception is «European Monetary Union» - EMU code. All countries
categories array of numbers [1,2,3 … 7,8] Array of categories identifiers, data is displayed by default.

1 – Central Banks
2 – Liquidity & Balance
3 – Industrial & Non-Industrial Activity
4 – Holidays
5 – Consumption & Inflation
6 – Confidence Indices
7 – Employment
8 – Interest Rates
9 – Government
All categories
volatilities array of numbers [1,2,3] The list of volatility levels, where data is displayed by default.

1 – low
2 – medium
3 – high
All levels
rowLimit number 10 Limit by the number of lines displayed. No limit
hideElements array of strings ['filterButton', 'timezoneButton', 'periodButtons', 'fullInfoBlock'] Recitation of hidden widget elements.

filterButton – button of filters opening
timezoneButton – choosing of time zone button
periodButtons – buttons with choosing the displayed period
fullInfoBlock – block of detailed information on the element (it is not displayed automatically, if there is a limit on the rows number)
All elements are displayed
fullCalendarUrl url '' The link on the widget full version – opens a new tab while clicking the data table element when the full information display block is switched off (hideElements adjustment contains 'fullInfoBlock' value) None. It is needed only in case of lines limit