Commerzbank: US dollar is unlikely to strengthen even on optimistic non-farm payrolls

The issue of inflation is currently of less importance in the foreign exchange market. Thus, according to economists at Commerzbank, dollar bears will not suffer losses even on the release of optimistic nonfarm payrolls.

2 December
ING: U.S. dollar may continue decline, even despite upbeat Nonfarm data

Obviously there has been a structural shift in the markets toward a bearish dollar position. According to economists at Internationale Nederlanden Groep (ING), current U.S. nonfarm payrolls data may not cause an inversion of this trend.

2 December
Bank of Canada can complete the interest-rate hiking cycle

Bank of Canada economists suppose that the interest-rate hiking cycle can be completed in the forthcoming months. Even if the Federal Reserve continues to increase borrowing costs, the situation won’t change.

2 December
Yen rose rapidly against U.S. dollar due to slower pace of Fed rate hikes

On Thursday, the Japanese yen surged as the dollar showed a decline. The fall of the U.S. national currency is linked to an anticipated slowdown in the pace of further rate hikes by the Federal Reserve system.

2 December
Bank of America: EURUSD will go up to 1.1 by the end of 2023

According to the Bank of America Global Research economists, the dollar is likely to remain stable early next year. However, they expect it to reverse course and decline during the year.

2 December
U.S. Treasury chief backs $60 price cap on Russian oil

On Thursday, the European Union (EU) proposed a cap on Russian oil prices of $60. U.S. Treasury Undersecretary Wally Adeyemo supported the proposal.

2 December
SocGen: the average oil price will be $98 in the first quarter of 2023 and $108 in the second

Societe Generale analysts have updated their forecast of Crude Oil prices. Their expectations are associated with maintaining a high level of prices in the first half of 2023 and a further decline to $93.5 in the fourth quarter of the coming year.

2 December
Rabobank: EURUSD will fall back to parity next year due to another surge in gas prices

The currency pair EURUSD again rose higher to the level of 1.05. But according to economists of Rabobank, the pair will fall again to the currency parity level in 2023. It will happen because the problems in the energy sector affect the euro.

2 December
Chevron is unlikely to invest in Venezuela in the next six months

Chevron Corp CEO Michael Wirth said the likelihood that Chevron will invest in Venezuela is extremely low.

2 December
Commerzbank: It will take some time before EURCHF will seriously deal with parity

Commerzbank economists report that the Swiss National Bank (SNB) intends to continue fighting against excessive inflation.

1 December

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