Chart widget

It is one of the most used widgets. Its flexibility and simple setup process make it possible to embed the widget on any website. And its limitless features will certainly please every user.

The configurator of the chart widget is available on the full version of this page.


Symbol Interval 1 minute 15 minutes 1 hour 1 day Chart style Japanese candles Bars Linear Area Offset No 5% 15% 30% Color scheme Light Dark Interface language Русский English
Width From 320 px. Height From 360 px.
Show the promo-button
Link text
Link Function
Allow the symbol change
Show the technical analysis instruments

Code for embedding

Please, for the correct widget work, do not change the code that we provide.

Instruction for code embedding

1. Set up the parameters You need and copy the code for embedding.

2. Embed the received code on Your website page.

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