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Natural gas


Natural gas is widely used as a fuel in residential, private and apartment buildings for heating, water heating and cooking. Gas is used as fuel for vehicles with gas equipment and a gas engine. Gas is also used as fuel in boiler houses, thermal power plants, and various equipment. In the chemical industry, it is used as a raw material for the production of various organic substances and plastics.

WTI Light Crude Oil


West Texas Intermediate (WTI) also known as Texas light sweet is a reference brand of oil that is produced in the state of Texas (USA). This brand is used for the production of gasoline. So it is in high demand not only in the United States but also in other countries in particular in China.



Brent is a benchmark oil grade produced in the North Sea. It is a blend of several grades of oil produced offshore between the coasts of Norway and Scotland. The price of Brent crude is the basis for pricing other grades of crude. This brand has become a benchmark due to its high liquidity, the presence of many independent suppliers and buyers.




A combustible mixture of light hydrocarbons with a boiling point from +33 to +205 ° C (depending on impurities). The density is about 0.71...0.76 g/cm3. The calorific value is about 10,600 kcal/kg (44.4 MJ/kg, 32.7 MJ/liter). The freezing point is about -60 °C in the case of using special additives. Gasoline is used as motor fuel and raw materials in industrial organic synthesis.

Heating Oil


Fuel oil is a fraction obtained as a result of processing crude oil. It includes residues (heavy fractions) and distillates (light fractions). The term "fuel oil" usually refers to any liquid fuel burned in a boiler or furnace to generate heat or used in an engine to generate electricity.


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