Natural gas
Natural gas

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U.S. gas at $4 to $5 no longer exists

Sharif Souki, chairman of Tellurian Inc, said yesterday at the Energy Intelligence Forum in London that U.S. gas can no longer be bought for the previous low prices. He also concluded that the best way out of the energy crisis for EU countries would be to invest in the U.S. natural gas industry.

Global gas markets are believed to be tight next year as well

The state of global gas markets isn’t expected to change next year either. Since pipeline gas supplies are diminishing, as does demand for it on the European continent, markets are believed to remain tight.

4 october
The Netherlands will develop gas fields in the North Sea

The final investment decision has been taken by ONE-Dyas.

27 september
U.S. natural gas hikes to $10 since 2008

The value of U.S. natural gas has reached a maximum for 14 years, equaling to $10 per MMBTU. The quotes are primarily affected by fears about global fuel reserves being scarce.

24 august
Forecasts Natural gas
Gas is holding above the neckline
21 september 2022 106

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