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Brent price broke its downtrend on signs of increased oil demand
17 May 2024 58
USDJPY trades towards trend support at 152.40 on US macro statistics
16 May 2024 52
Fundamental and technical data show signs of bullish trend remaining in USDCAD
15 May 2024 51
Technical analysis suggests buying BTCUSD with potential growth to the level of 69,500 within correction
14 May 2024 95
USDJPY on the verge of decline due to increased risk of currency intervention
25 April 2024 138
Selling USDCAD at the trend support level of 1.3545 amid strengthening of the Canadian currency
24 April 2024 140
BTCUSD outlook dims amid tighter monetary policy of the Fed
23 April 2024 94
Silver on its way to 25,800 amid lower geopolitical tensions and global economic uncertainty
22 April 2024 54
Oversold positions on AUDCAD may create conditions for price growth to 0.8920
19 April 2024 99
EURUSD on its way to corrective growth with potential to reach 1.0740
17 April 2024 101
Gold sell
Gold may go into correction amid overbought conditions and fundamental uncertainty
15 April 2024 151
Price of natural gas rises due to lower production in the U.S.
07 March 2024 120
USDJPY on the verge of reversal due to potential currency intervention in Japan
11 April 2024 113
USDCAD keeps moving in an ascending channel
10 April 2024 62
Technicals point to AUDCAD decline
05 April 2024 94
Brent sell
Brent oil may go into a downward correction due to fundamental uncertainty
16 February 2024 143
Gold buy
Interest in buying gold remains, but traders are keen to find the best entry points
01 April 2024 145
US weather could be a catalyst for rising natural gas prices
08 February 2024 166
Trading strategy of selling USDJPY becomes relevant amid monetary policies of U.S. and Japan
28 March 2024 68
Brent oil maintains its uptrend after OPEC+ and Fed decisions
02 February 2024 159