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The RTS index is a stock index and the main indicator of the Russian stock market. It is calculated calculated by the Moscow Exchange. After the merger of the RTS and MICEX stock exchanges, the RTS index became one of the two main indices of the Moscow Exchange along with the MOSBIRZHI index. The RTS index is calculated on the basis of 50 liquid shares of the largest and dynamically developing Russian issuers, whose areas of specialisation are connected with the main sectors of the economy. The list of issuers and their weights in the index are reviewed once in a quarter. The RTS index is calculated during the trading session with a calculation frequency of 1 second.

Nasdaq 100


USTEC is a stock index. It includes the 100 largest industrial companies whose shares are listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The index was introduced in 1985 when its value was set at 250 points.



The iMOEX Index is a price-weighted composite stock index that includes the 50 most liquid shares of the largest and dynamically developing Russian issuers whose economic activities pertain to the main economic sectors. The list of issuers and their weights in the index are reviewed once every quarter. The iMOEX Index is calculated as the ratio of the total market capitalization of the shares included in the index calculation base to the total market capitalization of these shares at the initial date, multiplied by the index value at the initial date. The iMOEX Index is used as a benchmark for building the absolute majority of Russian index mutual funds.

S&P 500


A flagship American and world stock index which includes 500 US joint stock companies with the largest capitalization. The value of the index reflects the total capitalization of these companies. The weight of each company in the index is proportional to its capitalization. S&P 500 companies are listed on the world's largest stock exchanges.



The oldest American market index in existence. US30 was riginally created for the industrial sector of the American stock markets. Now, many of the companies in the index belong to very different industries and market segments. In total, the index includes the 30 largest US companies.

Nikkei 225


The Nikkei 225 is the main index of Japan whose value is calculated based on the prices of its constituent shares weighted by the relative values of these shares. The Nikkei includes the 225 largest companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is is calculated daily by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) newspaper and is updated every 15 seconds during trading sessions. The composition of the index is reviewed once a year. The index includes shares of companies from various industries – food, automotive, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical production, banking and financial sector, maritime transportation, electrical equipment and transport sector.



The FTSE 100 (Financial Times Stock Exchange 100) is a stock index that includes shares of 100 companies with the largest market capitalization traded on the London Stock Exchange. Introduced in 1984, the index is managed and calculated by the British operator FTSE Group. The FTSE 100 index (UK 100) is considered to be an indicator of the economic state of companies operating within the legal framework of the UK. The one hundred companies included in the index are the largest in the UK (and most of them are international), and they account for more than 80% of the total market capitalization of the London Stock Exchange.



The DAX index (Deutscher Aktienindex) is the main stock index of Germanywhich includes 30 large companies. Their shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The index value is calculated in the Xetra electronic trading system. The DAX index is the most important stock index in Europe.



The US dollar index appeared in 1973 as an indicator of the relative value of the US Dollar. It is calculated as the geometric weighted average of a currency basket that includes currencies of the six main US trading partners. These partners differ in their economic capacity, so each currency in the index is assigned a certain weight.


CAC 40


The key index of the French stock market CAC40 (Cotation Assistée en Continuu) reflects the share values of 40 companies with the largest market capitalization that are traded on the Euronext stock exchange. The index is calculated basedon stock prices weighted by market capitalization. The composition of the index is reviewed by the Managing Committee of the Conseil Scientifique index every quarter.