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Debts of companies with long maturities have jumped the most since 2008

Highly leveraged companies are once again ramping up long-maturity loans amid an expected slowdown in the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes.

29 November
In 2023, stagflation will rule

According to investors, stagflation will pose a key threat to the global economy in the coming year. They also believe that after this year's sell-off, it is too early to expect a rally in the markets.

28 November
S&P forecasts U.S. corporate defaults to more than double

S&P Global Ratings predicts that the corporate default rate could reach 3.75%. This will likely happen if the U.S. Fed, instead of lowering inflation, achieves a slight economic downturn through its actions. In case of the recession, the projected rate increases to 6%.

22 November
Moody's outlines that credit outlook for non-financial companies is deteriorating

According to Monday’s announcement made by Moody's, an international rating agency, credit conditions for non-financial companies in Europe, Africa, and Middle East might deteriorate significantly in the following year.

22 November
FRS will raise rate by 0.5% in December, but peak of tightening could be even higher

The FRS will lower the tempo for interest rate increases by 50 basis points in December. According to a Reuters survey, economists believe

18 November
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Bloomberg: Fed’s Powell could push dollar higher
30 November 2022 33
DX sell
Reuters: The dollar is looking for a support level
15 November 2022 59
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The dollar's last hope to hold on to its uptrend
10 November 2022 59

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