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Multipurpose widgets from the MarketCheese can provide Your website visitors with regularly updated relevant information about the financial markets. Widgets are easily configured and provided for free. Select a widget and start using it.

Economic calendar

It presents the latest most important financial news of the Forex market. It is an indispensable product for traders for fundamental analysis of financial markets.
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It is one of the most used widgets. Its flexibility and simple setup process make it possible to embed the widget on any website. And its limitless features will certainly please every user.
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Market leaders

This widget helps to make fast trading decisions due to the division of the instruments into leaders of increase and decrease.
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A convenient panel with financial instruments quotes. You can post it on the main page of the website. Also, you can set up the necessary tabs, instrument lists, additional data, and a chart for a more detailed analysis.
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Market watch

This widget shows the current condition of the market for instruments divided into groups. It helps to find out the price for a specific time and see the dynamics for different periods.
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Important event announcement

Do not miss an opportunity to react in time to the market condition when the most important world economic events are released! Our widget will show when the closest event will be released and it will indicate in real time how the prices of connected instruments have changed.
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If You have been unable to find a suitable widget for Your website, feel free to contact our Customer support via

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