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News DAX

Europe may avoid a gas crisis this winter

According to Trafigura Group, one of the world’s largest exchange companies specialized in commodity trading, Europe may avoid a natural gas shortage this and the following year.

23 November 2022
Deutsche Bank expects jump in leveraged loan defaults

On Monday, Deutsche Bank officials noted that U.S. leveraged loans default rate would end 2024 at 11.3%, according to their forecasts. The 2024 anticipated default rate on euro leveraged loans will equate to roughly 7.1% amid a worsening global economic situation.

22 November 2022
Germany’s labor union gets a 8.5% increase in wages as a means of fighting inflation

The largest labor union in Germany managed to reach an agreement with employers on two rounds of wage increases in industrial enterprises. These measures were established to offset the threat of workers’ strikes.

18 November 2022
ECB warns record inflation will create problems for everyone

Amid a slowing economy and officials' desperate fight against inflation, the European Central Bank (ECB) issued a report this Wednesday saying financial stability is in danger. Lenders are at risk of being hit as well as the governments and households.

17 November 2022
US may avoid recession, Europe not so lucky

Morgan Stanley notes that next year, the economies of the UK and the euro zone could face a recession. However, a strong US labor market could help the country avoid a recession.

14 November 2022
Forecasts DAX
DAX sell
DAX is ready to continue the decline
15 September 2022 135
DAX sell
ECB 75 basis points rate hike by October will already be fully priced in
01 September 2022 148
DAX sell
Time to take profits for DAX buyers
16 August 2022 183

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