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21 july 2021 117
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Yesterday, one of the greatest media corporations, Netflix, had its turn to report on quarterly performance.

It is worth noting that one of the key indicators, EPS, turned out to be worse that had been forecast for the company. The actual value is 2.97 while the forecast was 3.14.

And this contrasts with the overall good reporting of American companies for the second quarter.

However, there are two obvious benefits for Netflix’s quotes (NFLX).

The first benefit is that, as was spotted a long time ago, if a strong company releases a “slightly” bad report, this plays out as a supportive factor and pushes the company’s quotes up. A back inside reaction, so to say.

The second benefit is that, given the current uncertainty in anticipation of possible lockdowns, companies like Netflix are growing since consumers are staying at home and using their services.

To sum up, we should be waiting for the price to grow up to $580 per share. 

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