Will Boeing take off?

16 june 2021 100
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After a series of vicious events linked not only to coronavirus but also to the prior period of the company’s inner technical issues, Boing’s share price has likely begun a new crusade towards the list of market leaders.

According to the US Transport Security Administration, last weekend airlines provided their service to 2 million passengers within the country. It is worth mentioning that last time such volumes were recorded in early March 2020.

The share price of American Airlines has grown by 49% since the beginning of the year and by 64% over the last 12 months. The shares of Delta Air Lines (DAL) have grown by 16% this year and 71% since July 2020.

The fleet of airlines is not only getting renewed but also being serviced which, in turn, requires supplies of repair parts from plants that produce them.

At the same time, Boeing’s planes are the main means of air transportation in the US.

So, let’s then watch the growing hype after the pandemic hibernation and wait the price (BA) to get somewhere around the nearest large resistance at 350. 

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