Coca-Cola’s shares are in a support area

27 august 2021 121
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The quotes of the major producer of fizzy drinks have fallen to a support area at 55.5 dollars per share. Precisely from this level, the price was shooting up in sharp leaps in the beginning of June and in July. It is possible that now at this level there is a large accumulation of limit orders of sizable market participants. 

Apart from this, speaking of the long-term perspective, Coca-Cola has not yet managed to cross the previous maximum that was obtained prior to the Covid crisis of the stock market in February-March 2020. And this is even good since this charges the shares with a guaranteed potential towards consolidation of the quotes, at least to the level of $60 in the half-year perspective. 

And then will come Christmas and New year - the period of traditional growth of the company :)

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