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Who will be quicker in rolling back monetary stimuli - the US or Eurozone?

08 september 2021 100
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September is a key month for the two leading financial areas: the Euro and the US Dollar. 

In both places, inflation keeps growing at a concerning pace.  And in both places they say that the growth is temporary :)


At the same time, there are heated debates on both sides of the Atlantic about the periods and volumes of monetary support cuts. 

The main questions are: who will be before whom and how massive will the monetary withdrawal be? 


The ECB will present its view this Thursday. The same will be done by the Fed at the end of the month. 

If the pace of roll-backs in the Eurozone happens to be stronger, then EURUSD will steadily go up. 

Otherwise, it will be the Dollar to appreciate with respect to the Euro. 

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