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Catch kickbacks from inflation data of New Zealand!

26 January 2022 369
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Tomorrow at 00:45 Moscow time, new values of the Consumer Price Index of New Zealand will be published.

This event proved itself in the kickback trading.

According to forecasts, the CPI will grow:

This means that there is a good possibility to work in kickbacks.

What shall we do?

We take a pair with a New Zealander, for example, EURNZD.

If the CPI grows as it is predicted, set a SellLimit order for the price which is by 0.1-0.15% higher than the current price for 10-20 seconds prior to updating.

Then, there are two ways out:

1.      Set a Take Profit order for the price of opening a 15-minute candlestick in the moment of indicator updating. Do not forget about the spread.

2.      Leave the market at the close of the fifth hour after the update.


Order placement will look similar to the picture.

If the CPI decline, contrary to all expectations, set a BuyLimit order for the price which is by 0.1-0.15% lower the current price.

The ways out remain the same.

According quotes, it is about 200-point profit.

Of course, there is no 100% assurance but you can take a risk!

This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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