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Nelson Peltz

Nelson Peltz is an iconic activist investor. His personal wealth is estimated at $1.7 billion, giving him the status of one of the most highly-paid top managers in hedge funds. An internationally known corporation Trian Fund Management was established by Nelson Peltz, as well as by two other founders - Peter May and Edward Garden. 

Peltz is a part of supervisory board in several enterprise groups: Procter & Gamble, Sysco и Madison Square Garden Company. 

Youth and an outset of a career

The birthplace of a billionaire can be called Brooklyn, New York. There he spent his childhood years and began his development into a successful individual. 

At the age of 21, Nelson joined the enterprise Peltz & Sons, which was set up by his grandfather. The company was and is still engaged in the food delivery business. Peltz, despite his position, started his career as an ordinary driver. 

Under the leadership of Nelson Peltz, along with his brother Robert and a friend Peter May, a moderate-size firm quickly turned into a huge corporation, Flagstaff. The company’s focus shifted to frozen products for the establishments. By 1972 the corporation had acquired a status of public. 

Investing and getting power

Several years later, Nelson Peltz made a good bargain and sold the Flagstaff’s stocks to the interested parties. This transaction is known as one of the most profitable financial operations in the food sector. 

Small income was rapidly transformed into a multi-million dollar wealth thanks to the buyouts. Notably, Nelson Peltz carried out the trades with borrowed funds, using junk bonds. Back at the time, these bonds were considered a controversial tool. 

After a while, Peltz obtained a stake in Triangle Industries, valuing at $80 million. In 1988, he sold the enterprise, but the sum has already reached $4 billion. Moreover, by virtue of junk bonds, the National Can Corp deal was conducted three years later.

Nelson Peltz founded the investment firm Triarc Companies Inc. A billionaire acquired Snapple and Shweppes, making Triarc a large corporation with several lines. Over a course of time, a business area includes propane, fizzy drink concentrates, along with various restaurants.

Trian Fund Management

As it was mentioned before, co-incorporators of Trian Fund Management are Nelson Peltz, Peter May and Edward Garden. The finance company makes investments in the famous organizations: Tiffany & Co., Domino's Pizza, Heinz, Wendy’s and others. 

Trian Fund Management possesses assets worth $8.5 billion. Nelson Peltz, being an active investor, acquires enterprises regarded as undervalued. Then, he pushes the changes in management and operational process, including cost reduction, authorities shift, etc. Thus, Nelson Peltz takes the companies to the new level. 

Nowadays Trian Fund Management, along with Nelson Peltz, participates in the board of directors of a corporate giant Janus Henderson. In 2022, the corporation also obtained a huge stake in Unilever, and strives to play a role in decision-making of this consumer goods’ organization.

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