German Unemployment Change

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Source: Destatis
Currency: Euro
Country: Germany
Previous value: 10K
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This indicator shows the general tendencies of employment and unemployment in Germany. In this country, the jobless are classified as able-bodied persons (i.e. working-age people from 16 to 65), unemployed, but actively looking for a job. The number of jobless persons doesn't include the part-time workers who wish to work full-time but can’t do this for several reasons. Unemployment is one of the most important indicators of the economic situation. The increasing number of jobless persons means the recession in the labor market, a decrease in the related indicators of the economic situation, and the growing social deprivation in the country; it is the leading indicator of household expenditures and it is considered an unfavorable factor in the assessment of the economy. Besides, the unemployment rate indirectly influences such an important indicator as the gross domestic product of a country.

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