Jobs/applications ratio

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Currency: Yen
Country: Japan
Previous value: 1.34
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This indicator reflects the ratio of the number of vacant jobs and job seekers in the country. Graduates of educational institutions are excluded from the calculation. The indicator reflects the state of the labor market in the country, as it characterizes supply and demand. It is associated with a group of indicators of employment and unemployment, one of the most important indicators of the state of the economy. The increase in employment of the population indicates the revival of the labor market, the recovery of the economy and the growth of social well-being in the country; It is a leading indicator of household spending and is considered a favorable factor in assessing the state of the economy. In addition, the indicator of changes in employment indirectly affects such an important indicator as the gross domestic product of the country. The unemployment rate is extremely important for determining the current level of economic development, as well as forecasting its future dynamics. Too high an unemployment rate leads to low GDP growth and an increase in social tension.

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