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Intel Corporation

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Intel will present new chips and software

Intel Corporation, aiming to restore its position in the microcircuit industry, presented new processors for personal computers.

28 september
Intel has chosen the Veneto region to build a plant in Italy

Intel, in cooperation with the Italian government, has chosen Vigasio in the region of Veneto as the preferred location for a new chip manufacturing plant, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

26 september
Intel partnered with Brookfield to put about $30 billion in new chip production facilities in Arizona

Intel entered a partnership with the Canadian investment company Brookfield to invest up to $30 billion in creating new advanced facilities for their semiconductor production in Chandler, Arizona. It became the corporation’s next step in its strategy of increasing the production volume.

24 august
Planned expansion of Intel includes production opening in Italy

Intel continues following a plan of strengthening its positions in Europe, and the next stage of this plan is an intention to open a plant for semiconductor assembling and packaging in Italy.

19 august
Forecasts Intel Corporation
Best buy in a bear market: Nvidia vs. Intel (Part 2)
12 september 2022 49

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Intel has updated a five-year low
23 august 2022 45

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Intel shares declined after the release of the quarterly report. But not everything is so bad!
05 august 2022 68

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