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The element belongs to transition metals and to the noble metals of the platinum group. Under normal conditions it is a silvery-white ductile metal.One of the rarest elements in the earth's crust. It occurs natively, in the form of intermetallic minerals and other compounds. There are about 30 known palladium minerals. It accompanies other platinum metals, its content in the mixture of platinoids in various deposits ranges from 25 to 60%.Currently, the largest (not developed) palladium deposit in Russia is located in the Murmansk region (Fedorovo-Pansky intrusive massif).Other large deposits of palladium are located in Russia (Norilsk, Talnakh), Transvaal (South Africa), Canada, Alaska, Australia, Colombia.



Gold is an essential element of the global financial system, has many areas of technical application, while its reserves and production volumes are limited. Gold acts as an international reserve financial instrument, almost all banks in the world keep it as a protective asset and a source of liquidity.



The metal is mirror-white in color. It refers to precious metals along with gold. Silver quotes are highly volatile.

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