Bloomberg: Large investors are in no hurry to buy stocks

17 November 2022 205
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Source: Bloomberg

Authors: David Ramli, Zhang Dingmin, Amy Bainbridge and David Scanlan

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Publication date: Thursday, November 17, 2022


In an interview with Bloomberg News, seven investment giants from Beijing to Toronto and Melbourne with about $2.3 trillion in combined assets shared their investment plans for the upcoming year, which may be tough.


According to some investors, they will go for big investments when valuations in public and private markets fall more. They are currently boosting their cash holdings that will allow them buy assets at the right moment. 


AustralianSuper Pty Ltd. Chief Investment Officer Mark Delaney is cautious about spending big. His pension fund, which is the biggest in Australia, began taking a defensive stance late last year and holding investments that were less correlated to the stock market.

He said that they built up positions in cash and recently fixed interest that would allow the pension giant to produce more return amid recession. Delaney still expresses concerns about the private markets and there's small chance that the pension firm will renew the portfolio within the year.

He highlighted that the stock market had probably done more than half of its adjustments from the peak to the suggested low.




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