16 November 2022 | Technology

Amazon launches virtual clinic in U.S. to treat common diseases

Amazon launched its medical clinic on Tuesday. It is a virtual platform where users can communicate with health care providers through the app to get various recommendations and advice in treating common diseases.

Amazon has for years sought to expand its influence in the healthcare industry, where it is a small player. In 2018, the company bought online pharmacy PillPack, which formed the basis of a prescription delivery and price comparison site that was later launched as Amazon Pharmacy, which allows users to buy prescription drugs.

Amazon said its new service will operate in 32 states. Customers seeking treatment will be linked to health care providers. The company added that the service does not include health insurance, and prices will vary by provider.

The company expects to complete its $3.49 billion purchase of One Medical, and is also going to add standard physician offices.

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