Bloomberg: dollar’s dominance over Asian currencies will last for a few more months

21 November 2022 262
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Source: Bloomberg

Author: Karl Lester M. Yap

Article: Original article

Publication date: Monday, November 21, 2022

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicts the U.S. dollar strengthening against Asian currencies. When there will be more clarity about the Federal Reserve's interest rates in 3-6 months, the strengthening must halt. As analysts noted, calculating the timing of the dollar's peak is not that easy.

The debates about defining the dollar's peak time is intensifying as Fed policy tightening should end next year. Morgan Stanley said this month that the U.S. dollar should peak this quarter and then decline in 2023. In Asia, the prospect of a Chinese opening has pushed currencies higher this month, although they have cut some gains amid reports of the increased incidence of Covid cases.


The dollar growth against the Japanese yen

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