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Hot News is a category that is related to the instant impact of various political and economic events, claims of political leaders, company leaders, and popular media reviews on financial markets.
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Stock market ignored Christmas rally
29 December 2022 227
DX sell
The dollar may accelerate its decline
27 December 2022 215
Stock market may still have time to rise by the end of the year
23 December 2022 204
DX sell
Reuters: BOJ’s policy shift will decrease the demand for dollar
21 December 2022 202
Bloomberg: Policy of central banks turned out to be more aggressive than the market forecast
19 December 2022 209
DX buy
Bloomberg: Fed’s forecasts proved to be hawkish, positive news for the U.S. dollar
15 December 2022 211
Bloomberg: S&P might end 2022 on a high note
12 December 2022 176
FOXBusiness: Long-term holding of high Fed rates may negatively affect the stock market
14 December 2022 164
Bloomberg: The year-end is expected to be bullish for stock markets!
05 December 2022 197
Bloomberg: Fed rate forecasts on Wednesday can reverse the market
13 December 2022 155
The Fed is slowly reversing
01 December 2022 213
Bloomberg: Norwegian $1,3 trillion wealth fund bets against the market
09 December 2022 170
DX buy
Bloomberg: Fed’s Powell could push dollar higher
30 November 2022 193
Reuters: Rally in stocks will be short-lived
01 December 2022 177
Bloomberg: U.S. holiday week sets bullish tone for stocks
23 November 2022 183
Reuters: Split U.S. Congress may help U.S. stock market
17 November 2022 204
UK100 sell
Bank of England desperately attempts to save its financial market
29 September 2022 315
Bloomberg: Inflationary trading finally gives way
16 November 2022 171
Bloomberg: Shock rally hits markets
11 November 2022 189
Bloomberg: JPMorgan's Kolanovich backs off stocks amid risk of recession
15 November 2022 169