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Event handling

The OnStart() event notifies the running robot instance about the start of work. Thus, the robot performs the specified actions immediately upon startup.

The OnStop() event notifies that the user has issued a command to stop the running robot. When the event is received, the robot performs the specified actions and then stops working.

The OnTick() event notifies about the arrival of a quote by symbol. Each time, having received data on a quote, the robot uses them for calculations and performing specified actions. In other words, the robot executes the recorded logic of actions every time it receives the next quote. This method is resource-intensive and requires computing power of the computer.

The OnTimer() event notifies the end of a time period. Using this event, the robot regularly performs the specified actions after a certain period of time. If there is no this function in the robot code, then the OnTimer event is not generated.

All incoming events are queued and processed by the system sequentially.

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