21 November | Trades

Air India in talks with Airbus and Boeing to buy planes, CEO says

Campbell Wilson, CEO of Air India, which is owned by conglomerate Tata Group, says he is currently in talks with Boeing and Airbus. Air India wants to get Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Moreover, it’s reported that Air India is successfully meeting its basic needs through aircraft leasing and repairs.

Industry analysts believe that Tata Group, which successfully acquired Air India in January, is facing three major challenges. These challenges are upgrading aging equipment and improving financial performance and service quality.

Wilson said negotiations are underway for the delivery of new models that will boost the airline's growth. He added that negotiations touch upon engines.

Moreover, Wilson stressed that the company plans to increase the number of machines, as well as to expand its influence in the market within 5 years so that 30% of all flights are Air India flights. This statement concerned both the home market and the international market. 

It’s worth noting that, according to industry estimates, Air India currently occupies about 10% of the domestic market and about 12% of the international market.

According to Air India's September announcement, the company plans to lease 30 Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Thus, the number of Air India aircraft will increase by more than 25%. Through leasing equipment, the company hopes to achieve goals such as increasing market share and improving service quality.

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