09 september 2022 | Trades

Walmart has entered the bond market with a $5 billion offering

Bond offering will help Walmart Inc raise $5 billion Some companies, such as large retailers and restaurant chains, have already entered the bond market. The move could help them prepare for the next potential U.S. Federal Reserve rate hike.

According to the company's filings, the bonds will mature between 2025 and 2052, and the rate will range from 3.9 percent to 4.5 percent.

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Services sector in Japan is recovering after the return of foreign tourists

In September, there was another activity growth in the Japan’s services sector, driven by increased demand due to the decline of COVID-19 cases. The prospect of easing the current restrictions on foreign tourism strengthened the country’s hopes for an economic recovery.

14 minutes ago
Strengthening dollar threatens the profits of technology companies

Shares of technology companies are now experiencing their worst period in decades.

1 hour ago
United Nations agency calls for the Fed to slow down the pace of rate increases

The Fed’s aggressive tightening of its policy has resulted in the U.S. dollar getting to record highs in several decades and crushing other currencies.

1 hour ago
US housing market will face a serious slowdown

The sharp drop in USR home prices was the result of the FRS fights against inflation.

1 hour ago
ABI Research named Verizon Connect as innovation leader

Verizon Connect scored highest in innovation in the 2022 ranking for the top commercial telematics provider of ABI Research, which was released in September. Verizon Connect was already named a leader in 2020.


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