14 september 2022 | Company’s reporting

Rise of delivery registered in Boeing in August after renewing 787 planes handovers

After a delay that lasted for more than a year, the handovers of Boeing’s aircraft model 787 Dreamliner were renewed, and therefore the volume of jetliner deliveries enlarged last month to the level of 35 aircraft.

Taking into consideration some number of cancels, gross orders of the company have increased to 338 for the period of a year.

At the moment, there are more than one hundred of Boeing 787 aircraft waiting to be delivered. According to the FAA statement, all jets will be thoroughly inspected before the issuing and clearing of airworthiness certificates.

The American Airlines company has made an extra order of about forty 787 aircraft. As it was stated in the information, obtained from the company, there were also registered two new American orders of 737 MAX.

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