11 November | Technology

Zoom calls soon will be available for Tesla drivers

The Zoom company declared that soon Tesla drivers will have an opportunity to take Zoom calls in electric cars via a touchscreen dashboard. As the video call provider said, its software will be integrated into Tesla's infotainment center. 

As the company clarified, a driver will first need to park to utilize the video call function. During the moving, only sound will be available without an image. The implementation period of the project isn’t yet indicated.

Back in May 2020, Head of Tesla Elon Musk declared that Zoom calls will be built into Tesla electric cars in the future. During the coronavirus pandemic, the company received many messages from drivers that asked to integrate Zoom software into the electric car. They thought that it would give them the possibility to take calls and use cameras with displays that are provided in some of Tesla's electric vehicles. 

However, the representatives of Zoom said that integrating a video call function may be dangerous for drivers since many may try to use it while the car is moving.

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