31 October 2022 | Technology | CEOs

Uber announces first results of partnership with Hertz

An analyst at the Uber company, which provides taxi services, released the first findings on the company’s partnership with Hertz Global Holdings Inc last week. It has already been a year since the beginning of the companies cooperation on Tesla’s electric vehicles supply.

The partnership program was launched in October 2021. According to Uber’s analyst Rainer Lempart, Tesla’s electric vehicles rented by Hertz have made around 5 million taxi trips and traveled more than 40 million miles over 30 U.S. markets for this period of time.

The report was lack of information on how this partnership influenced Uber’s profitability, as well as how these results were compared to the results of drivers who continued to use fuel cars.

However, the Uber’s main goal from this partnership was a reduction of harmful emissions. The company is aimed at becoming a fully zero-emission platform by 2030. Also, this partnership program showed positive results towards sustainability and employee comfort. 

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