5 October | Technology | CEOs

ABI Research named Verizon Connect as innovation leader

Verizon Connect scored highest in innovation in the 2022 ranking for the top commercial telematics provider of ABI Research, which was released in September. Verizon Connect was already named a leader in 2020. The company offers fleet management solution. Firms can keep track of vehicles, personnel, and the tasks they perform using the platform. It also enables them to boost operational efficiency, performance and focus on driver safety. 

Verizon Connect topped in six categories: preventive maintenance, prognostics and analytics; vehicle/driver/cargo monitoring; open platforms; features; tech development and user interface and user experience.

The Commercial Telematics Competitive Ranking allows a customer that wants to find the best fleet management software to quickly identify strengths of vendors. In addition to this, it reveals how many vendors have a partner network to track vehicles worldwide. 

Peter Mitchell, senior vice president and general manager at Verizon Connect, said that the launch of Verizon Connect AI Dashcam was an excellent example of how the company implemented innovations. It also showed that the company is striving to help customers protect their businesses. Peter Mitchell expressed gratitude to ABI Research, adding that he was proud of the product team that brought new technology to life for customers.

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