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Performance and Reports is a category that is dedicated to the impact of newly publicised data on countries’ economic performance, firms’ performance reports and announcements of their plans.
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USDCAD consolidation may be interrupted by fundamental factors
Yesterday at 10:23 AM 21
Low inflation in Australia weakens AUDCAD
Yesterday at 09:12 AM 12
Fed's restrained policy is weighing down on EURUSD
22 February 2024 50
EURUSD is rising ahead of Fed minutes publication
21 February 2024 84
Stagnant UK economy pushes GBPUSD downward
21 February 2024 28
GBPUSD keeps correcting due to similarity of Fed and BOE monetary policies
20 February 2024 52
Weak Swiss inflation boosts USDCHF growth
19 February 2024 51
USDJPY is rising due to Fed's rate cut forecast revision
15 February 2024 74
Japanese GDP data points to short-term USDJPY buying
15 February 2024 49
USDCAD growth triggered by U.S. inflation data
14 February 2024 77
USDJPY selling due to possible BoJ intervention
14 February 2024 65
Short-term buying EURUSD on low CPI
13 February 2024 66
High UK employment and low inflation in US will give upward momentum to GBPUSD
12 February 2024 52
AUDCAD currency pair is moving in downtrend
09 February 2024 79
Buying AUDCAD amid contrasting regulatory sentiments
08 February 2024 47
EURUSD could rise within the corrective channel in anticipation of strong data
07 February 2024 124
Buy USDCAD amid positive statements from the Bank of Canada
07 February 2024 52
GBPUSD is moving in a range due to the similarity of monetary policies of the Fed and the Bank of England
06 February 2024 90
Fed pause strengthens U.S. currency
05 February 2024 67
USDJPY may resume growth after the Fed chief's speech
01 February 2024 137
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