Wave analysis

Wave analysis is a method of forecasting future price changes. It is based on spotting past alternating phases of growth and shrinking of assets that can be visualised as wave-like processes.
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Brent oil price increases due to global uncertainty and actions of central banks
12 April 2024 113
GBPUSD declines in response to dollar strengthening after US data
16 April 2024 52
Off-season in Europe creates conditions for moderate increase in natural gas prices
04 April 2024 105
Upward dynamics of Brent remain amid upcoming OPEC+ meeting
29 March 2024 89
The future of bitcoin halving creates a new catalyst for BTCUSD growth in April
09 April 2024 98
The combination of technical and fundamental factors points to further growth in silver price
08 April 2024 78
Natural gas prices may increase on rising demand in Asia
21 March 2024 85
IEA forecasts strengthened the outlook for Brent crude oil prices
15 March 2024 135
EURUSD may continue to fall on European inflation figures
03 April 2024 63
GBPUSD loses ground amid dollar strength and revised Fed expectations
02 April 2024 48
International events reinforce oil traders' interest in buying Brent
01 March 2024 146
Softening RBA rhetoric and yuan influence depress AUDCAD
22 March 2024 55
Fed and ECB monetary policy courses are contributing to EURUSD decline
20 March 2024 62
GBPUSD slowed downward movement amid expectations of central bank decisions
19 March 2024 62
USDJPY is correcting due to Fed and BOJ policy decisions
14 March 2024 73
USDCAD is correcting due to potential changes in US and Canadian monetary policies
13 March 2024 86
Technical indicators may limit fundamental growth of BTCUSD
12 March 2024 131
Expectations of monetary policy easing by Fed support rise in silver prices
11 March 2024 75
Anticipation of important macroeconomic events restrains EURUSD growth
06 March 2024 87
BTCUSD maintains an upward trend after hitting a two-year high
27 February 2024 129