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Natural gas prices may reverse trend amid higher demand and excess inventories
08 July 2024 76
Brent oil maintains upward momentum on expectations of high summer demand and supply cuts
05 July 2024 188
Buying natural gas till 3.390 amid increasing market volatility
13 June 2024 288
Brent crude oil shows signs of trend reversal amid OPEC+ adaptation and geopolitical risks
07 June 2024 189
Brent sell
Brent loses ground amid rising US fuel inventories and expectations that OPEC+ will roll over the cut into 2025
31 May 2024 155
Natural gas price overbought signal indicates selling before reaching 2.580
23 May 2024 142
Brent price broke its downtrend on signs of increased oil demand
17 May 2024 172
Price of natural gas rises due to lower production in the U.S.
07 March 2024 147
Brent sell
Brent oil may go into a downward correction due to fundamental uncertainty
16 February 2024 174
US weather could be a catalyst for rising natural gas prices
08 February 2024 206
Brent oil maintains its uptrend after OPEC+ and Fed decisions
02 February 2024 203
Natural gas prices rise due to expectations of frosty weather in the U.S.
11 January 2024 201
Brent oil prices to rise after correction ends
29 December 2023 206
Natural gas price moves towards yearly lows
21 December 2023 162
Brent prices rise on IEA forecasts and Fed rate decision
15 December 2023 187
Natural gas price falls despite the start of the heating season
07 December 2023 200
Brent sell
Brent oil price declines despite OPEC+ efforts
01 December 2023 237
Gas prices rise moderately as heating season starts in Europe
23 November 2023 209
Brent sell
Brent crude oil price is nearing a yearly low
17 November 2023 258
Natural gas prices continue to correct in upward trend
09 November 2023 210