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Last year recorded an increased demand for gold up to the levels of 2011

Demand for gold surged to an 11-year high last year. This is due to large-scale purchases on the back of high activity by retail investors and a slowdown of ETF outflows.

1 February
Aluminum buyers from Japan agreed to pay extra charges in the first quarter

Japan was buying aluminum at a surcharge. Shipments from January to March were at $85-86 per ton, which is 13-14% less than in the previous quarter. Resources report weak demand and strong reserves of aluminum.

1 February
Western tankers increase shipments of Russian oil under the price cap

According to Eikon data, Western tankers increased shipments of Russian Urals crude in January, as its price did not exceed the limit of $60 per barrel.

1 February
Commerzbank: gold will continue to rise with ETF investors’ increasing interest in the metal

On January 31, the World Gold Council (WGC) will release data on demand and supply for the fourth quarter of 2022 as well as the whole year. Commerzbank's economists believe that ETF investors’ interest in the precious metal will continue to set the direction of prices.

31 January
IMF increased forecast for world economy for the first time in a year

The IMF increased the forecast for the global economy for the first time in a year due to the constant expenditures of the U.S. and the removal of anti-COVID restrictions in China.

31 January
Asia has consumed a significant increase in exports of Russian crude oil Urals

Asia is not losing interest in Russian oil. According to data, this month not less than 5.1 million tons of Urals crude have been shipped from the Russian European ports of Primorsk, Ust-Luga and Novorossiysk to Asian markets.

31 January
Scenarios of lower oil and gas demand in the coming decades

U.K. oil company BP reported its annual energy outlook with three possible scenarios of events. Each of them forecasts lower oil and gas demand.

30 January
China reduced oil and gas consumption in 2022, but it is expected to increase in 2023

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported that China's oil and gas consumption fell in 2022. This drop is the first seen in several decades.

30 January
Gold will rise in case of a reversal of the Fed's policy

According to expectations of strategists of the Internationale Nederlanden Groep, gold will grow in 2023.

27 January
Wood Mackenzie analysts think the U.S. has enough petroleum in strategic reserve

The U.S. strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) decreased by more than 40% in two years. The reserves were 371.57 million barrels on January 20, compared to 638.08 million barrels a year ago.

27 January

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