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Gold comes to the forefront as a protective asset in crisis

At the present time, the cost of gold is firmly entrenched at $1,900 dollars per ounce. That mark is already very close to a possible maximum predicted by analysts. That kind of dynamics is driven by noticeable dollar weakening and decrease in the yields of the U.S. government bonds.

27 January
Gold will rise in case of a reversal of the Fed's policy

According to expectations of strategists of the Internationale Nederlanden Groep, gold will grow in 2023.

27 January
U.S. economy shows strong growth in Q4

The U.S. economy unfolded more actively in the fourth quarter than analysts might have expected. However, domestic demand grew at the slowest pace in 2.5 years, reflecting the impact of higher credit costs.

27 January
Wood Mackenzie analysts think the U.S. has enough petroleum in strategic reserve

The U.S. strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) decreased by more than 40% in two years. The reserves were 371.57 million barrels on January 20, compared to 638.08 million barrels a year ago.

27 January
The EU is considering a price cap on Russian diesel fuel at $100 per barrel

The European Union plans to implement a $100-per-barrel limit on Russian diesel fuel.

27 January
Massive profits of oil companies excite anger of White House

The tension between oil companies and Joe Biden increases again. A new round of animosity comes as companies have to report a collective profit near $200 billion.

27 January
Freeport LNG got permission from federal regulators to restart the plant

Federal regulators approved the reopening of the Freeport LNG natural gas exporter plant in Texas.

27 January
U.S. bans copper and nickel mining in northern Minnesota

The Twin Metals project is at risk due to the U.S. ban on mineral mining in northeast Minnesota. This restriction will last for 20 years.

27 January
Russian oil and fuel oil exports to India may reach new highs

According to the heads of oil refineries, Indian refineries may increase their purchases of Russian oil if the price per barrel remains attractive. Such a prospect would provide Russia with a large sales market.

26 January
Jet fuel demand soars

According to Kayrros analysts, jet fuel demand is growing rapidly in defiance of seasonal trends.

26 January

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