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Performance and Reports is a category that is dedicated to the impact of newly publicised data on countries’ economic performance, firms’ performance reports and announcements of their plans.
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Silver under pressure from strong dollar and political risks
Yesterday at 11:19 AM 70
10 July 2024 237
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Buying gold as US labor market cools
05 July 2024 162

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Investors reconsider Fed rate cut outlook and push silver prices higher
03 July 2024 110
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Gold has chances to break out of uncertainty pattern towards growth this week
01 July 2024 319
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Gold shows signs of reversal to growth amid moderate market sentiment and technical signals
10 June 2024 350
Silver shortage and rising demand could support the uptrend
27 May 2024 146
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Expectations of Fed policy easing support gold market
20 May 2024 191
U.S. economic indicators and industrial demand support upward potential in silver
13 May 2024 84
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Gold opens week with gains amid mixed US economic data
06 May 2024 245
Selling silver at 24.600 is reasonable after Fed holds interest rates
02 May 2024 93
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Gold price could rise again amid geopolitical uncertainty
27 April 2024 195
Silver on its way to 25,800 amid lower geopolitical tensions and global economic uncertainty
22 April 2024 81
Gold sell
Gold may go into correction amid overbought conditions and fundamental uncertainty
15 April 2024 174
The combination of technical and fundamental factors points to further growth in silver price
08 April 2024 128
Gold buy
Interest in buying gold remains, but traders are keen to find the best entry points
01 April 2024 174
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Prospect of imminent Fed rate cut supports gold
01 April 2024 84
Gold sell
Gold price correction is likely ahead of central banks' decisions
18 March 2024 223
Gold sell
Gold price could start correcting in anticipation of new fundamentals
04 March 2024 265
Expectations of monetary policy easing by Fed support rise in silver prices
11 March 2024 119