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Wave of falling gas prices shows no signs of reversal
18 July 2024 28
After correction, gas prices are ready for new wave of growth
20 June 2024 247
Brent sell
Oil price growth has stalled and risks a correction
14 June 2024 148
Demand growth keeps gas prices from significant correction
06 June 2024 164
Buying Brent before reaching $85 per barrel
03 June 2024 163

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Correction in gas prices will continue
30 May 2024 116
Gas prices heading toward closing the January gap
16 May 2024 158
Buying Brent to close the morning gap up to 82.8
13 May 2024 129

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Selling US gas and waiting for the price to move to the level of 1.85
25 April 2024 144
Brent sell
Bears do not allow oil prices to consolidate above level 90
19 April 2024 175
Natural gas buying weakens near monthly highs
11 April 2024 138
Oil price correction provides good buying opportunity
22 March 2024 129
Gas prices may rise with deeper production cuts
22 February 2024 218
Slump in gas prices approaches major target
15 February 2024 222
Brent prices are recovering from last week's losses
09 February 2024 177
Oil prices aim for November highs
26 January 2024 185
U.S. gas demand will go down with temperature rising
18 January 2024 166
Brent sell
Oil price drivers are only short-term in nature
12 January 2024 184
Gas prices are trying to break out of downtrend
28 December 2023 186
Oil's plunge on news from Angola quickly bought back
22 December 2023 181