Global aluminum production hits records

According to the International Aluminium Institute data (IAI), global primary aluminum production in 2022 was 2% higher than the level recorded a year ago. Thus, this industry managed to hit a record, despite the energy crisis, due to which the production did not operate at its full capacity. 

The rise in aluminum production was majorly driven by China. In December 2022, local companies produced about 3.47 million tons of the metal. This figure is 11.6% higher than the one recorded in December 2021. This year-end surge helped to increase the annual production to 40.39 million tons, which exceeds the level of 2021 by 4%.

The Persian Gulf countries also demonstrated a significant rise in the production of the metal. In December 2022, this region produced 520,000 tons of aluminum. This figure was 1.6% lower in 2021. As a result, the annual output increased by 3.1% to 6.07 million tons.

Asian countries, except for China, hit the level of 4.59 million tons in 2022, thereby exceeding the results of 2021 by 2.2%.

Last year, primary aluminum production also rose in Africa. The annual output was 1.62 million tons. It increased by 2% compared to last year. In South America, the annual metal output was slightly lower, at the level of 1.29 million tons. However, the increase from the previous year was more significant at 10.7%. In December, it even exceeded 20%.

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