9 November | Technology

China’s Zhengzhou lifts quarantine with Apple supplier maintaining COVID restrictions

Foxconn, an Apple product supplier, said that it continues to operate in a limited mode. Despite lifting a 7-day quarantine in Zhengzhou, the iPhone manufacturing plant has no plans to ease restrictions anytime soon.

The economic zone, with more than 600,000 residents, announced canceling of anti-COVID policies through its official WeChat account. Only areas with medium-to-high infection rates are likely to be touched by the restrictions. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, Foxconn said it would further implement anti-COVID controls in its operations. However, the company refused to disclose any details about the persons infected, or to comment on their state.

The Zhengzhou area had been shut down for quarantine as early as October. Residents were forbidden to leave their homes, while traffic was suspended due to restrictions. These factors put more pressure on Foxconn. The company faced massive discontent by workers after introducing new policies. 

Therefore, the corporation had to halt its operations. Several workers left the plant. Deliveries of premium iPhone 14 models are expected to decline, Apple stated on Monday. 

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