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Energy Events for January 18-19, 2023

On the agenda, on January 18, is IEA Monthly Report. On January 19, stocks of crude oil and petroleum products, data on natural gas reserves, as well as the production of gasoline and distillates are in the spotlight.

January 18, 2023

12:00 GMT+3IEA Monthly Report IEA

January 19, 2023

00:30 GMT+3API Weekly Crude Oil Stock. Forecast: -1.75М. Previous value: 14.865M

18:30 GMT+3 Natural Gas Storage. Forecast: -71В. Previous value: 11В

18:30 GMT+3Crude Oil Inventories. Forecast: -0.593М. Previous value: 18.962M

18:30 GMT+3Cushing Crude Oil Inventories. Forecast: . Previous value: 2.511M

18:30 GMT+3EIA Weekly Refinery Crude Runs. Forecast: . Previous value: 0.831M

18:30 GMT+3Crude Oil Imports. Forecast: . Previous value: 2.708M

18:30 GMT+3EIA Weekly Refinery Utilization Rates. Forecast: 3.8%. Previous value: 4.5%

18:30 GMT+3Distillate Fuel Production. Forecast: . Previous value: 0.509M

18:30 GMT+3EIA Weekly Distillates Stocks. Forecast: 0.122М. Previous value: -1.069М

18:30 GMT+3Gasoline Production. Forecast: . Previous value: -0.067М

18:30 GMT+3Gasoline Inventories. Forecast: 2.529M. Previous value: 4.114M

18:30 GMT+3Heating Oil Stockpiles. Forecast: . Previous value: 0.405M


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