24 January | Macroeconomics

Germany is still far from replacement of Russian gas capacity

According to the estimates of the German Ministry of Economics, it is going to take a long time for the country to completely switch to LNG and abandon pipeline gas from the Russian Federation.

Last week, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz said to Bloomberg, that the country realized the implications of dependence on Russian gas. He stated that now the main thing is to increase the capacity, which will allow the country to have as much natural gas as before.

Germany managed to deal with the dependence on Russian supplies in different ways until now. The overall consumption in the country was cut, fuel was imported from the neighboring European countries, and the deliveries from Norway and Netherlands were increased. 

The Economy Ministry answered several questions of the Left Party. The officials said that Germany needs to install 56 billion cubic meters of domestic import capacities. The country received almost the same volume from the Russian Federation through the pipeline in 2021. This will take time until 2026. It is expected that their capacity level will be 76.5 billion cubic meters by 2030. This is nearly 80% of German gas consumption in 2021.

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