13 September 2022 | Announcements | CEOs

Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb announces space station to be constructed

Currently, the CTO and co-founder of the Stellar platform is forming a team of industry experts and engineers. The purpose is quite interesting: to search for new prospects in space exploration.

Being a pioneer of the blockchain platform, today Jed McCaleb has set a new goal, i.e. the exploration of space. 

On September 12, the cryptocurrency billionaire announced the “Vast” launch, targeted to create “residential stations in space”. As for the prospects, the project is aimed at “the subsequent resettlement of people throughout the solar system.”

According to company’s representatives, McCaleb came up with the startup at the beginning of last year, given the task to develop the world's first space base with artificial gravity. This, in turn, will allow people to live and work outside the Earth.

In addition to creating a state-of-the-art artificial gravity base, the enterprise is also focused on expanding space capabilities with advanced technology solutions, which are to contribute to the continued human presence in space.

As NASA notes, the International Space Station’s (ISS) decommissioning from Earth's orbit is expected to proceed in stages, and it is likely to complete by 2031. This solution will allow commercial organizations to present their developments in the space industry, as well as to occupy their own market niche.

Based on Forbes data, McCaleb's fortune is estimated at $2.5 billion as of 2022. 

Other sources refute this fact, stating the billionaire's net worth to be much higher. Experts believe the reason is the sale of XRP tokens received by McCaleb while creating Ripple Labs in 2012.

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