25 January | Macroeconomics

Production in second-largest refinery in Venezuela is suspended

A failure occurred at the Cardon plant in Venezuela. The accident took place at a crucial gasoline production unit. Due to this, the unit won’t operate for nearly 25 days, as four employees of the enterprise said on Tuesday. 

This unit was able to refine 45,000 bpd. Last year, it operated with halts.    

State-owned oil company PDVSA from Venezuela didn’t agree to explain the situation at the plant right away, which is the second-biggest in Venezuela after the Amuay plant.

Cardon belongs to the Paraguaná Refinery Complex together with Amuay. It can refine 310,000 bpd.

Recently, PDVSA strived to raise production. However, it didn’t succeed to satisfy the demand, and people had to wait in line for gasoline for a very long time. This is especially true for Venezuelans living outside the capital Caracas.

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