Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is based on establishing the influence of various geopolitical and macroeconomic factors and processes on prices of financial assets.
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Reuters: Positive news from China will ease the pressure on oil
30 November 2022 80
The Japanese yen has the potential for further strengthening
yesterday at 11:57 AM 34
Reuters: Rally in stocks will be short-lived
yesterday at 09:32 AM 17
The Fed is slowly reversing
yesterday at 09:48 AM 14
Oil recovers after stock market sales
29 November 2022 70
China provides room for the yuan to strengthen
30 November 2022 30
DX buy
Bloomberg: Fed’s Powell could push dollar higher
30 November 2022 27
Bloomberg: Historical data suggest the yen is strengthening
29 November 2022 36
Bloomberg: Team at Morgan Stanley voiced concerns about the potential of decline in S&P
29 November 2022 29
Gold buy
Gold uptrend to continue
28 November 2022 91
Bloomberg: Investors expect further dollar weakness in the coming month
28 November 2022 74
Bloomberg: Oil stabilized and ready to rise
22 November 2022 135
Natural gas reached its peak — open short positions
21 November 2022 121
EUR/JPY strength is confirmed by macrostatistics
25 November 2022 62
MoneyWise: Oil prices will rise as there is low spare production capacity
17 November 2022 154
MarketWatch: IEA says oil supplies from Russia could drop by 1 million barrels a day
16 November 2022 102
EUR/CAD rises due to oil weakness
24 November 2022 59
Investing: Natural gas in a bearish trend
14 November 2022 110
CNN: Is the dollar's inexorable rise coming to an end?
23 November 2022 72
Current conditions allow for a further rebound in GBP/USD
23 November 2022 57

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