Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is based on establishing the influence of various geopolitical and macroeconomic factors and processes on prices of financial assets.
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Oil takes a pause before it continues to rise
Today at 09:11 AM 50
Brent sell
Oil is still under pressure, as banking crisis is not yet over
Yesterday at 09:10 AM 90
Potential problems with demand could put pressure on aluminum
Today at 11:46 AM 19
Uptrend in platinum prices remains
Today at 11:18 AM 18
Gold buy
Fed’s dovish comments will support gold
Today at 09:57 AM 29
Gas prices might update local lows
20 March 2023 86
Getting closer to the round level of 70 may activate the purchases of Brent oil
20 March 2023 76
Uncertainty remains in the economy, putting pressure on copper
Yesterday at 11:35 AM 37
Copper rebounds from the lower boundary of the falling channel
Yesterday at 10:27 AM 23
Gold sell
Gold needs a pullback after a strong growth impulse
Yesterday at 08:53 AM 35
Brent sell
There aren’t enough signals for oil growth yet
17 March 2023 71
Silver is also a safe-haven asset in demand
20 March 2023 68
Gold buy
Gold will rise ahead of the FOMC meeting!
20 March 2023 58
Gold buy
Gold continues to act as a defensive asset
20 March 2023 40
Buying silver ahead of the FOMC meeting!
20 March 2023 24
Oil prices drop will encourage those willing to benefit from the rebound
16 March 2023 138
Oil's attempt to rebound has fundamental reasons
15 March 2023 97
Growth momentum of gas prices might get continuation
15 March 2023 68
Brent sell
A trend towards higher oil prices is in danger
14 March 2023 117
Brent sell
Positive market reaction to new incentives may be short-lived
13 March 2023 122

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