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Performance and Reports is a category that is dedicated to the impact of newly publicised data on countries’ economic performance, firms’ performance reports and announcements of their plans.
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Brent sell
Oil is still under pressure, as banking crisis is not yet over
Yesterday at 09:10 AM 89
Potential problems with demand could put pressure on aluminum
Today at 11:46 AM 18
Gold buy
Fed’s dovish comments will support gold
Today at 09:57 AM 27
Brent sell
Positive market reaction to new incentives may be short-lived
13 March 2023 122
Silver is likely to get under pressure if interest rates fall short of market expectations
14 March 2023 42
Gold sell
U.S. consumer inflation will cool the bulls' enthusiasm for gold
14 March 2023 46
Weak global economy has a negative effect on copper
14 March 2023 26
Brent sell
Oil prices aim to the low border of pennant
02 March 2023 100
Natural gas might take a break after its rise by 30%
28 February 2023 104 1
Brent sell
Potential rise in supply and squeeze in demand might weaken oil
28 February 2023 87 1
Gold sell
U.S. employment data in line with or above expectations will weaken gold
10 March 2023 46
Copper declines following all commodities
10 March 2023 31
Brent sell
Bearish oil reserves in the US weaken bull’s grip
16 February 2023 94
Gold buy
According to technical analysis, gold looks strong
03 March 2023 62
Copper shows weakness amid increasing inflation
03 March 2023 42
Brent sell
Continuation of downward momentum in oil
07 February 2023 80
Technical analysis of silver is on bullish side
01 March 2023 46
Gold buy
Weak U.S. consumer data boosted a rise in gold prices
01 March 2023 40
Upcoming OPEC+ meeting fuels oil prices
27 January 2023 169
Fundamental and technical indicators drive a rebound in gas prices
25 January 2023 124

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