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Oil takes a pause before it continues to rise
Today at 09:11 AM 47
Uptrend in platinum prices remains
Today at 11:18 AM 18
Oil prices drop will encourage those willing to benefit from the rebound
16 March 2023 138
Brent sell
A trend towards higher oil prices is in danger
14 March 2023 117
Silver is consolidating before making a new attempt to grow
17 March 2023 41
Brent may find support near the uptrend line
10 March 2023 133
Platinum is trying to form an ascending channel
16 March 2023 49
Oil approaches January highs
07 March 2023 168
Palladium makes a serious bid to break the downtrend
15 March 2023 47
Copper buyers are running out of steam
14 March 2023 51
Gold buy
Rising macroeconomic risks cause gold prices to rise
13 March 2023 86
Brent sell
Oil may lack strength to grow by the end of the week
03 March 2023 108
Upward trend in oil prices has persisted
27 February 2023 95
Platinum is waiting for another wave of growth
09 March 2023 82
Gas is on the way to its September 2020 lows
22 February 2023 191
Gold buy
New drawdown in gold gives "bulls" a chance to build up their positions
09 March 2023 41
After price decline, oil is again attractive for buying
21 February 2023 134
Zinc sell
Optimism in the industrial metals market diminished after the news from China
06 March 2023 60
Gas prices can't raise their head
09 February 2023 120
Copper’s rollback can be used to grow long positions
02 March 2023 50

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