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Bloomberg: Team at Morgan Stanley voiced concerns about the potential of decline in S&P
29 November 2022 34
Bloomberg: Oil stabilized and ready to rise
22 November 2022 141
Bloomberg: Investors expect further dollar weakness in the coming month
28 November 2022 84
MarketWatch: IEA says oil supplies from Russia could drop by 1 million barrels a day
16 November 2022 107
EUR/CAD rises due to oil weakness
24 November 2022 65
Bloomberg: U.S. holiday week sets bullish tone for stocks
23 November 2022 46
Silver will go down following gold
22 November 2022 63
Reuters: Dollar may resume rally by year-end
21 November 2022 110
Bloomberg: dollar’s dominance over Asian currencies will last for a few more months
21 November 2022 91
Reuters: ECB to start a major withdrawal of liquidity from the banking system
18 November 2022 81
Bloomberg: the worst for the yen is over, with the dollar moving down from its peak
18 November 2022 52
Oil growth will whet bears' appetite for USD/CAD
17 November 2022 70
Reuters: Split U.S. Congress may help U.S. stock market
17 November 2022 78
Bloomberg: skeptics seek confirmation that the euro growth is not only due to the dollar decline
17 November 2022 66
Bloomberg: Large investors are in no hurry to buy stocks
17 November 2022 57
Inflation or recession: what is Britain to be afraid of?
16 November 2022 56
Bloomberg: Inflationary trading finally gives way
16 November 2022 39
Bloomberg: Japan's economic recovery slows sharply, hit by a weak yen
15 November 2022 55
Reuters: who will win and lose from the upcoming UK budget plan
15 November 2022 43
Bloomberg: JPMorgan's Kolanovich backs off stocks amid risk of recession
15 November 2022 44

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