01 september 2022 | Company’s reporting

Coca-Cola shares are attractive for long-term investments

An analyst at Atlantic Equities is bullish on Coca-Cola's share price that is expected to hit  $72.

The company's shares have performed well this year in absolute and relative terms. Thus, Coca-Cola posted a steady increase in sales as consumer behavior bounced back, while restrictions of the pandemic were lifted.

“Lots of companies are facing a constant cost increase, whereas Coca-Cola’s expenses have remained relatively the same. Most importantly, its operating performance has improved following significant changes made by the company in 2020,” said an analyst at Atlantic Equities.

“These factors, combined with Coca-Cola's positive dynamics, underline the company's attractiveness for long-term investments. In addition, as sales grow, so does the value of its shares. This militates in favor of investing in Coca-Cola over the long run,” he noted.

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