23 September 2022 | CEOs

Tesla announced a recall for 1.1 million electric cars

Tesla reported about the malfunction in its automatic window reversing system. The problem related with the window system has been detected in about 1.1 million cars. Such a problem increases the risk of injury to passengers.

According to the statements made by the representatives of the company, some windows were found to be malfunctioning during production testing. Tesla announced that the problem would be fixed remotely through a software update. Car owners would not have to address to a service center.

According to Tesla's filing with federal safety regulators, the electric vehicle manufacturer is not aware of any accidents, injuries, or deaths caused by the malfunction. The owners also have not filed any complaints against the company.  The problem was discovered during testing.

Tesla (TESLA) has recalled cars several times so far. As a result, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration obliged the company to make changes in vehicle design. In this case, the window automatic reversal system issue is considered a manufacturing flaw.

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